So Rami and Andrea have this concept of community engagement via Mad Libs. We present a framework to the hood and they run with it. And I like it. But how do we implement this program in a way that sustains itself? Potential issues range from visibility across scales, daytime versus nighttime reading, artistic material being taken away from the project, and what exactly is the framework anyways?

I propose a system with static cling window images, in black and in white and maybe even other colors, that can be placed on the inside and outside of the window. Inside, we build the framework for the discourse with several static clings of our own making. Outside, the community engages with the piece by placing more static clings of our own making into, on and around the framework that we create.

Here is an image with aspects of the idea:

static cling+pictogram=idea mash up

The static cling sheets are available from Office Depot and other shops like that. Internet prices are $15 for a 10pack of letter sized sheets. We can print on them with an inkjet printer. I think that pictographic iconography is a good vehicle for communication, as it allows for personal interpretation, lowers the bar for engagement below the level of literacy and any symbol can easily be negated with one of those Ghostbuster cross throughs.

It works for everything.

This is me throwing my support behind the “Mad-Libs”esque window display. Details may follow.


Share your personal experiences (good or bad) with your neighbors

This is another spin on a Candy Chang themed intervention. I am interested in Kiyomi’s ideas and I thought this was a different take on it to get the community involved with one another, rather than with us directly.

The images below are interpretations of post-it notes that are intended to be, in our case at least, mounted on the storefront of Marshall Brown’s studio space. They need not be conceived of and printed before hand like depicted below, rather laid out for the public to fill out themselves. Certainly the message would not just begin in a tandem fashion, therefore we could each fill out an “X” amount of post-its with out recommendations for citizens of Bronzeville. Perhaps the fact that we are not Bronzeville citizens will strike an interest in the community to put up post-its of THEIR recommendations to us, and one another such as “Best Resturant”, “Best Friday Night in Chicago”, ect.

These may even be color coded and arranged in some sort of grid by category such as “Food”, “Transportation”, “Music”, ect. It would be interesting to see a dialogue between the community that develops out of the absence of  physical interaction, and rather a coupling of interests, or disinterests.


Texting and Walking

icon design gone wired

SO it has been said that texting and doing anything is like doing anything after having had about four beers. Well the city of Philadelphia is actually doing something about it: segregating these people to a special lane on the sidewalk. From my experience with texting drivers, however, I don’t believe that these pedestrians will be able to keep it in their lane. You can find the article from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.


Adrienne Rich, poet

ADRIENNE RICH, 1929-2012

A Poet of Unswerving Vision at the Forefront of Feminism

Published: March 28, 2012

Art, Ms. Rich added, “means nothing if it simply decorates the dinner table of power which holds it hostage.” ….

For all her verbal prowess, for all her prolific output, Ms. Rich retained a dexterous command of the plain, pithy utterance. In a 1984 speech she summed up her reason for writing — and, by loud unspoken implication, her reason for being — in just seven words.

What she and her sisters-in-arms were fighting to achieve, she said, was simply this: “the creation of a society without domination.”


31st Street stencil

This stencil is on a plywood barrier on 31st  where the road passes over the railroad tracks just west of Lake Shore Drive (see map for location; x marks spot.)  This site will be in sight of the soon-to-come protected bike lane on 31st.  Only this single panel carries a message; the others seem (to me) eager to join in the dialogue.

looking & being taxed

You are looking at Chicago and being taxed for it.

Homeless to Homes Ratio