Texting and Walking

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SO it has been said that texting and doing anything is like doing anything after having had about four beers. Well the city of Philadelphia is actually doing something about it: segregating these people to a special lane on the sidewalk. From my experience with texting drivers, however, I don’t believe that these pedestrians will be able to keep it in their lane. You can find the article from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.



More Ladders

I’ve been searching to see if anyone has done anything closer to my proposal of flaneuristic ladders in the streets than Yoko Ono.  Not too much is coming up….  Below I’ve listed the more “successful” ladder queries.

Search Query: “Ladder in the street”

These two are not afraid to take their ladder out in public, but I think they’re just en route to something tall.  (Clearly what the little guy  needed to reach has already been reached).

A very cool street performer.  Completely stationary for long periods of time balanced on a ladder with a piece of framing on your shoulder… nothing to sneeze at, certainly, but still not the interactive and flanueristic idea.

Search Query: “Ladder sitting”

Mostly people seem to sit on ladders only when they’re stumped about paint swatches or wallpaper peeling.  But all of those have clear watermarks on them, so are not pictured above.  I have, by the way, done the lazy sourcing job of linking back to the source with a click on each photo.

Challenges to the Ladders in Chicago Movement stand thus:

  1. I do not own any ladders.
  2. Am I able to assure someone lending me a ladder that it will not be stolen?  I presume that I will be observing at an inconspicuous distance, but I’m hardly intimidating to someone(s) who can carry a ladder.
  3. Should the first two be adequately met, how should one avoid being sued?  Or having the city lawfully steal/confiscate the ladder(s)?
  4. Least of the worries, but where should they be?  In ‘rented’ parking spaces a la Rebar, or in or out of the way of pedestrian traffic?

A thought struck me while I was standing on a ladder today at the Graham Resource Center (moving chairs, not paint swatches).  I noticed that the ladder that lives in the library actually belongs to the shop, and I recalled that the shop has a whole hoard that are generally chained up, much like bicycles.  Why not chain up a bicycle at bicycle racks around the city?  Maybe I’d even leave it folded on the ground but with enough slack to be stood up.

Honestly, officer, I just needed a place to park my ladder while I stepped into Star$s for some coffee!

Mercedes vs. ATV Tank : Invert the transportation hierarchy… by force!

I thought about this video earlier when we discussed bike lanes, but the Wheeler reading, “Planning Sustainable and Livable Cities” brought even more appropriateness to the video with the idea of inverting the transportation hierarchy.


Vilnius Mayor A.Zuokas Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank

The mayor is an avid user of green transportation, and took special issue with the amount of “expensive cars” parking illegally in the biking lanes, perhaps in protest to the transportation hierarchy inversion represented by their implementation.  To be clear, the video is a staged publicity stunt, and as far as I understand, it was presented as such, but the documentation of the problem was real.

Wayfinding devices

You know, people should be aware of how walking in "public" puts them under the rule of private entities.

We are constantly being informed of how to get places, and this is sometimes helpful.

okay, but where's the protest area?

So why not use the same format as a vehicle for other information?

maybe its ironic to designate a "protest area", but then that works with the joke

Now they'll know what we're saying

this isn't even really informative, is it?

And you can find all the pictograms you could ever want at thenounproject.com

“Gentrification” of Brooklyn Subculture

This is old news but I thought I’d share. A 40-yr old DYI skatepark beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn Banks) closed 2 years ago. The city of New York reclaimed the once dead space to be utilized as a staging area for Brooklyn Bridge renovations. Construction will last until 2014 at which time the skateboarding community of NYC hopes to reunite with their home base.


Pinterest – Outdoors – real

Pinterest - Outdoors - real

virtual vs real

Homeless to Homes Ratio