Make city better and more fun



  1. Okay, but I cannot withhold a few .. ?.. critical comments. Large scale spectacle of this sort (logistics, information technology, marketing [why is the crowd already there?]) underline the fact that this is corporate advertisement, as the appearance of the logo motif confirm. Compared to a television advertisement, it may cost less and be more widely distributed (via word-of-mouth, web discussion etc… for instance, it’s here on our blog, which makes our blog, inadvertently a plug for big box store…) I think we might benefit by drawing distinctions between those parties who activate the public sphere by way of gratuitous, open-ended interventions that will never produce a profit beyond a smile and applause, and those entities (e.g., corporations) who co-opt creative strategies of urban interventions to promote their brand, and associate it with some of the intangibles of creativity and innovation, without having done anything innovative or creative, but only having taken already existing creative concepts and inflated them to a grotesque point, near-bursting. The hand that holds the full bag of money has no room for ideas, which is why it is desperate to have those whose hands are full of ideas take the bag of money. something like that…

    • I understand what you mean. But I thought that we can use their money to give make our cities more fun. We see a lot of advertisements for whole day long. Even if you really do not want to watch it, we can not be free from it. So I think that If we can’t avoid it, we might as well try and enjoy it.


      • Yes, I see your point. We are already immersed in commercial messages, so to find that they have become more entertaining and engage the city in interesting ways can be considered a positive condition. No doubt it is idealistic to wish for a cityscape devoid of advertisements and full of generous and absurd urban interventions.

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