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The exploitation of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) to satisfy the majority of our energy consumption needs has negatively impacted our environment over the past decades.  Developing technologies continue to depend on these fossil fuel energy sources resulting in the ongoing deterioration of our environment by such means as oil spills, global warming, decreased air quality, and acid rain.

The utilization of these fuels contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer and therefore to the possibility of global warming.  Global warming can lead to elevated sea levels, adverse weather effects such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and droughts. 

The release of pollutants into our atmosphere by the combustion of fossil fuels is detrimental.  Do we know what we’re doing to our planet?

My proposal is a 18″ x 18″ oil painting depicting a deflated earth covered in oil rigs and nuclear plants that hopefully makes people aware of the effects that fossil fuels have on the environment.   Image



Gated Community Mentality in The US

Gated Community Mentality in The US

An interesting (and short) article in the Times that touches on George Zimmerman’s mentality, and how it reflects America as a whole:


AS a black man who has been mugged at gunpoint by a black teenager late at night, I am not naïve: I know firsthand the awkward conundrums surrounding race, fear and crime. Trayvon Martin’s killing at the hands of George Zimmerman baffles this nation. While the youth’s supporters declare in solidarity “We are all Trayvon,” the question is raised, to what extent is the United States also all George Zimmerman?


This made me self-conscious about what I did last night when I ventured East of State St.and 35th last night in search of dinner.  First off, I was driving, because I had to move my car anyway… but to be honest, I would never walk that way after dark by myself.  Alright, so not only did I drive, but when I parked behind Subway and discovered the back door gets locked at 5pm, I got back into my car and drove around to the front.  I am a bad person.  Oddly enough, when I’m completely dead tired, I care much less, and will walk pretty far South on State if that’s where I’ve parked, no matter what time.  I’ve never had any trouble from anyone on the street.  Since this is becoming a stream of consciousness, I’ll just add that my scariest interactions were pretty close to IIT’s campus, where an old man repeatedly tried to stop me from driving past him at 3am.  He waited at a stop-sign initially, then he moved to a stop light, which I thought must have been because when he’d walk out in front of me, I’d swing wide into the oncoming lane and blow the stop sign.  An old, clearly impoverished man (black) scared the crap out of young white female in a locked junk car.  I just about puked after each of these encounters, but nothing happened to me.  It certainly never occurred to me to speed up and hit him (murder by car instead of gun), just to run away and hide.  I am just as guilty by wanting to run and hide, because my actions -or inactions- make it easier for heinous things to happen to marginalized people.

Did you pay the stupidity tax?

“Lottery and games of chance are a stupidity tax and the more we all buy into this, the less rational we are as a society,” he said.

Americans Bet Nearly $1.5B to Win Record Jackpot

Published: March 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM E

 This could buy a lot of soccer pitches on roofs, ladders, billboards in America City, protected bike lanes, etc.

Chicago $7 Billion

Does this plan lack vision? Does it contain any innovative urbanism?


Skeptical in Chicago



Well, they’re not the UX, but check this out!!!

MB storefront


never mind the bollards