Soccer Pitch

This is in the spirit of integrating the roof soccer pitch proposal with the bus shelter.




Bus Shelter

This idea was inspired by the movie/documentary “The City”.  

So, why does it seem less socially acceptable to play as adults?  Why do we stop engaging in the desire to play?  My city intervention incorporates bringing play back to our daily lifestyle.  I propose making our sidewalks more interactive by installing monkey bars, or painting in racing lanes for a casual race between friends after a business meeting, or installing bouncy tiles for a random hop or bounce down the sidewalk, or even installing playgrounds at a bus shelter.  

Play makes us happy, gives us a feeling of belonging and being care free.  I propose bringing the act of playing backout to the street (or sidewalk).Image

Interesting image : Sinking into the city

Interesting image : Sinking into the city

Found from a friend’s facebook post.  You can read into it what you will, and I think if you do, it will probably have some relationship to what we have discussed in class.

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Make city better and more fun